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Komponist  Amerikansk melodi
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Det behøver slet ikke være svært at finde på rim

The rich man and the poor man

      G          D          G
There was a rich man and he lived in Jerusalem
G                D     G
glory halelujah, hirojerum.
   G           D           G
He wore a silk hat and his coat was nery sprucium
G                D     G
glory halelujah, hirojerum.
G               C
Hirojerim (hey) hirojerum (hey)
skillemadinky dooleum
skillemadinky dooleum
G                D     G
glory halelujah, hirojerum.

At his gate, there sat a human wreckium,
He wore a bowler hat and the rim was round his neckium,

The poor man asked for a piece of bread and cheesium,
The rich man cried: "I´ll call for a policium

The poor man died and his soul went to heavium,
he danced with the angels till a quater past elevium,

The rich man died but he didn´t fare so wellium,
he couldn´t go to heaven so he had to go to hellium,

"No", the devil said, "This here is no hotelium,
It´s just a plain and ordinary hellium",

The moral of the story is: Riches are no jokium,
We´ll all go to heaven ´cause we are all stony brokium.

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